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I already bought the MK7AC but still in transit and will be delivered this week.

When will be delivered (this week) I will post the product images to make some light to all like me that are waiting for a 5GHz solution. Is not essential, but sometimes is usefull. 

In the MK7 product page there's a image showing a wireframe picture of something that seems a internal board and not a external USB module. A board could be a better solution to make the gear compact and better to travel with (like was in Tetra model). 

So, I ask to someone from the Hak5 crew to update the info on the site to make it clear to everyone that wants to buy this module, like I did, how really it looks like. 

If is possible, with a real product image, like the others boards (LED, Kismet, ...).

Thanks a lot. 



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On 1/26/2022 at 9:58 AM, princesstoadstool said:

Wow, that looks janky. what a shame it isn't an internal module like it was supposed to be.   I wouldn't trust that connected inside my backpack at all... chances are the usb would break. 

Quite why they didn't include it in the original product to start with...........?

Cost, availability and requirements.

Who said it was supposed to be an internal module? There's no provisions on the board to have such an internal module and how would that even work? New case, de solder the existing antennas?

It's a USB Adaptor that you can use with other devices not just the Mk7, also if you don't want it hanging out of the side of the Pineapple then do what I do, use a right angle USB extension cable and stick it on top of the Pineapple. 

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