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Mark VII - new user disapointed !


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Hello everyone

new user of a Mark VII, I am surprised at the low number of modules available compared to the Nano!
most of the tutorials are intended for nano.
I cannot understand the logical sequence: Mark VII is the most recent, and the least used .. NANO is no longer available but has a large number of modules! ..?

what did I not understand please?
thank you

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i order the mark VII because nano is not more available, and in my mind, newer product would be better than previous !

but without too much knwoledge in security stuffs, and to "play" to see what i can do ..


I don't know if the missing modules are necessary or not. but all the tutorials I find are for the Nano!

of course, security move every day, but can i do the same things with the Mark VII, as the Nano ?



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I really can't understand this fixation with the Nano and the number of modules. I've had the Nano for years and also have the Mark VII. First of all, modules are community developed and there is information available on how to develop new ones (or convert existing ones). Some of the Nano/Tetra modules are obsolete, so no need to develop them for the Mark VII. Some functionality is built in to the Mark VII out of the box. Lashing out in disappointment solely based on the number of available modules isn't something that is based on facts. It's like I would look at a two wheeled road bike and a kids three wheeler and go; "Man, that two wheeler can't be any good, it has one wheel less. I'll grab the three wheeler for Tour de France!" If you have no specific idea or goal with purchasing the Pineapple, then I would suggest starting with the already existing modules for the Mark VII before starting to get upset over the "lack" of available modules. You will be occupied for some time learning how to use the ones that is already there.

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most of the modules on the nano/tetra have been included in the mk7, you just dont realize it.  Also a lot of those modules functionality is no longer used or out of date and wont work at all in a real world environment.  Hak5 made the device with a list of things it could do. that is what they support.  All other modules are on the community to make and update and port if they want them.  So getting mad at hak5 for not making modules that they clearly state are community made, is stupid.     

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