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Is it worth buying?


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they are awsome, Im a hardcore PC gamer but ive never had more fun then with a Wii.

their awesome at parties, chicks love the games and can play them, and ive never been soar from playing anything like I have been from Wii sports and I do BJJ and Weight lifting for hobbies.

In short its too fun to stop playing and you will waste all your time on it with your friends assuming you have some. (j/k lol) SO definitely get one if you can aford it.

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The Wii is my favourite console out there at the modem for the sheer individuality and fun of the wiimote. I'm not a main stream gamer and I play whatever comes out regardless of the media attention it gets but I love the Wii so much. If you have friend and family who can come around and play it enters a whole new realm of entertainment too. I haven't put it down yet.

I just wish they would put in a profile system like X-Box's GamerTag system for us to use and abuse. If for no other reason check out the hack with the wiimote in the latest episode (second beta live release.)

Try one at the store and see if you like it or not first.

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