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I need to speak with someone from support — MK7 that barely worked, now bricked after trying to update


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I'm done trying to figure out what to do with this awful junk-bin Mk7.

1. Network interface doesn't respond now after update

2. Factory reset, no go, it wont broadcast an SSID and see #1

3. When it did work, when I first got it, I updated the firmware a few times, but that was mostly due to having to reset it after it would die on me every ~5m tops.

4. Recon wouldn't work, it would hang indefinitely, factory reset

5. If it wasn't bricked, I would be on my 7th or 8th reset/recovery

6. Deauth never worked

7. and on and on and on…


I would like to simply replace the defective product. I'm done wrestling with this thing and all its doing at this point is dragging out the little time I have to make such a request.


Please advise.


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