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Obscure Dictionary


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hmm im not totaly sure what ur after, but im thinking a work list, sadly im gonna have to link u toa search engine though since im not at home. i suggest searching for a Dictonary attack list, ive got a few links at home, but yea thats not here sorry. though the only problem would be, not all words are gonna be true english, and such.

Just googled and found a nice(ish) site for word lists: http://www.word-list.com/ hope this helps

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you could take a dict from one of the speech to text progs like Dragon Naturally Speaking that has commands and real words. :) train your Dragon well and in about a couple months you'll have a nice fat list. I believe you can even export the dict.

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Nevermind. I finished the program, but I realised halfway through i'd need smaller words. And that the obscurity of the words would probably be a drawback.

It gets two random words from a dictionary based on the length you specify, and splices them together to create a nifty password that would be easy to remember but hard to use a dictionary attack on.

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