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help ! bash bunny setup ...


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hello everyone !

i just bought a bashbunny and am having some issues. 1. on the USB stick, in the Payloads file, I have a chrom html favicon. Is this normal? 2. I can't download the github payloads. i turned off all firewalls despite this, chrom blocked the bashbunny zip file. "this file is too dangerous!" I am also disappointed because manual payloads failed. I don't like Darren's "shows". Do you know the more educational videos? Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Where did you get the mentioned payloads file from? I can't see how it's possible to store a favicon inside a text based payload file, so... not normal according to me (if even possible). If you are using a Windows machine as an intermediate storage when transferring the GitHub payloads to the Bunny, they will most likely get "caught in the net" since Windows or Chrome (naturally) reacts to malicious or suspicious files. This behavior can't be blamed on the Bunny or the payloads, it's what you could expect when being a Windows user. Disable all protection in that case or use another OS. What manual payloads specifically were you disappointed with and in what way did they fail? I can't agree to your standpoint regarding Darren's videos in general. I use the docs though when it comes to the Bunny most often.

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