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  1. sorry, a part of my answer is gone ! no, i have no sd card inserted to the Bunny when I use the payloads.
  2. is it a nano ou a simple one ? tank you already for your answer
  3. hi, thank you for answering me; BB is mark II. Arming mode works; but I have some problems whit the switch. I do this : payload.txt on switch 2 is the text below. payload.txt on switch 1, is empty. ATTACKMODE HID LED G R Q DELAY 5000 Q GUI R Q DELAY 500 Q STRING notepad Q DELAY 500 Q ENTER Q DELAY 2000 Q STRING "Hello World" Q DELAY 500 Q ENTER LED B R ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET LED G it's just a test for "hello world" . when i plug on switch 2, the pc don't recognize the BB ( no D:\) Just two bips but any pop up on the screen. Do you have any idea, please ? thank you, PS : never see use a SD card on tutorials on youtube videos ? So i should insert a new one ?
  4. hello, i'm a novice and try te setup BB. could you help me because, BB en switch 1 and 2 is not recognized by PC. here the copy of D:\bashbunny.exe Hak5 Bash Bunny Updater v1.1 Please choose an action: (0-0, q to quit) [0] Update Bash Bunny 0 [*] Connecting to update server, please wait. [*] Checking for Bunnyupdater updates [-] Already up-to-date [*] Checking for Bash Bunny firmware updates [-] Already up-to-date [*] Checking for udisk updates. This may take a while. pkt-line 3: invalid capabilities: arguments not allowed (multi_ack thin-pack side-band side-band-64k ofs-delta shallow deepen-since deepen-not deepen-relative no-progress include-tag multi_ack_detailed allow-tip-sha1-in-want allow-reachable-sha1-in-want no-done symref=HEAD:refs/heads/master filter object-format=sha1 agent=git/github-gf4d592c98a53) [*] Copying files [-] Files copied successfully [Press enter to exit]
  5. hello, my BB is not recognized by my pc when plug-in on switch 1 or 2. Could you please help me ?
  6. hello everyone ! i just bought a bashbunny and am having some issues. 1. on the USB stick, in the Payloads file, I have a chrom html favicon. Is this normal? 2. I can't download the github payloads. i turned off all firewalls despite this, chrom blocked the bashbunny zip file. "this file is too dangerous!" I am also disappointed because manual payloads failed. I don't like Darren's "shows". Do you know the more educational videos? Thank you in advance for your answer.
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