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batch file to change wallpaper?


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lol just let me use VB6 and its done :P, how about a all to bmp application, then u can still use ur out dated batch and VBS scripts :D

Well, vb6 can do the entire process and update the desktop all at once. The purpose of all this was because:

#1 no one would need to have visual basic installed to compile the program to an executable

#2 using this script, people are learning how to do things within windows and it can come in usefull for future hacks

#3 he could have just downloaded the "app a day" program that did it for him, but he asked about using scripts, so that is why this was done with the basics windows comes with, or can do out of the box

#4 if you wanted to do a quick compiled vb6 app, they would need the appropriate dlls installed to run anything compiled with vb6.

#5 Flat out c++ would have been a better choice and faster as well not needing vb6 installed or corresponding dll's, but again, we were looking at doing it with just scripts

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If your just after a program that swaps wallpaper around I used a program called Wallpaper Changer for a few years. You can use any image format and the time between each change can be set to pretty much anything.

Only downside is you get graphic corruption if the wallpaper changes when the computer is running full screen.


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because we were trying to program it our selfs using VBS (native to windows)

also side note, VB6 uses native XP functions, there wouldnt be a need for anythink to be installed for this application to work (such as the one on my U3 for skool)

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lol guys i think our best bet is to stick with vbs although with machines older then xp and i also think xp if durring install or any other time the user has unistalled windows scripting host then this script files wont do anything i think he should just try vb6 or C++ or just a simple reg file

i can probly pull up something in C++ thats command line

an example:

myprog C:/whatever/picy.jpg 5

5 being the time to take effect or something maybe using a SetTimer function but if i made this or someone else did then you could still make a batch file with this in it to still make the program work just gotta put the program in C:/windows or somthing

idk ill work on it

also i belive there is a WinApi function to change the background similar to ShutDownEx or ShutDown

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