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Bash Bunny Help


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Hey i just received the new bash bunny in the mail yesterday and i put the nmap payload on it and it worked fine on my computer. I just tried to use it again on my laptop and the led went a solid green and then no light at all. Any suggestions? Would it help to increase the delays in between commands?

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You could try longer delays, but did you verify if you got any results? If you use the nmapper payload from the Hak5 GitHub repo, then solid green is used as a indicator. Follow the LED activity. It should go magenta solid during setup, red slow blink if it fails, yellow single blink when "attacking", white fast blink when cleaning up and then very fast green blinking followed by solid green when done.

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No unfortunately it was working the night before but when i went to use it again no nmap happens at all the light just goes solid green and then the light turns off. I can plug it in when it is in arming mode and everything seems to work fine but i cant get any payload to work now the same thing happens every time.

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What Payload is this? 

I haven't been able to get any payload to really work since I got it yesterday. 

and I work around hundreds of laptops and PC's. 

It drops in the loot folder, just no loot. 

What is the nmap payload though? Maybe reset the device? 

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