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  1. Thank you that fixed it, I appreciate the fast response.
  2. So long story short I messed up and hadn't realized balena etcher had auto selected the bash bunny instead of my other drive. It started the process but I cancelled it. Now I can't access my bunny while in arming mode through file explorer. When ever I try it says "insert a disk into usb drive (H:)" and it isn't recognized as the bash bunny anymore. I tried to do the recovery but to no avail. I am able to access it through putty using serial connection and it seems like nothing is wrong until i try to access it via the file explorer. Any suggestions?
  3. Yeah i tried to heat it up and put it through it hadn't worked. How do i join the slack server
  4. I started working on the demonseed edu kit. I have soldered the 6 pin and am now trying to attach the pogo pins i got all of them however there is 1 pogo pin that just wont fit in. Any suggestions?
  5. No unfortunately it was working the night before but when i went to use it again no nmap happens at all the light just goes solid green and then the light turns off. I can plug it in when it is in arming mode and everything seems to work fine but i cant get any payload to work now the same thing happens every time.
  6. Unfortunately I did and there was no results. I tried increasing the delays however it sadly did not work still
  7. I just recieved my Bash Bunny MKII in the mail the other day and had used it for an nmap payload and it worked as I had hoped. However today I tried to use it on my laptop and it didn't work. I was hoping maybe it was just because I was using it on a different computer but I tried it on the computer I used it on originally and it doesn't work anymore. When I put the same payload in (off of the github payload library) and switch it to switch 1 or 2 and plug in the light goes solid green for a second but then no light and nothing happens. I tried resetting it with the suggested method however sadly nothing worked. Any suggestions?
  8. Hey i just received the new bash bunny in the mail yesterday and i put the nmap payload on it and it worked fine on my computer. I just tried to use it again on my laptop and the led went a solid green and then no light at all. Any suggestions? Would it help to increase the delays in between commands?
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