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Xbox 360 trouble


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I have the xbox 360 core system

I don't want to spend almost $100 for a 20 gb hard drive or $60 for a 8Mb memory card

I searched for weeks but came up empty for trying to use my own hard drive or flash memory as a memory card.

the xbox 360 doesnt allow you to save games to a thumb drive or a hard drive that connected to the USB port

so it must either be connected to the xbox 360s hard drive port or the port for the memory card

Is there a way for me to save games with out having to buy a memory card or $100 ripoff hard drive ?

heres a form post I made on the xplay forums (has a lot of info about my problem but sadly no one found a answer to the problem


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(I have little experience with xbox's, but here is what I do know:)

Xbox and Xbox 360 use different proprietary file systems in each. Both of them will refuse to use a hard drive that has not been formatted to the correct file system, either xbox cannot format the HD for you. That's about where my knowledge on xbox's ends :P

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yep I prity much have the software part covered. I can copy the needed sectors from my friends xbox 360 hard drive

the only problem I have is getting a hard drive hooked up to it .

and even if the memory card is 64MB for the price of the memory card I can buy a 8GB flash drive

xbox may not be the best but my xbox 360 makes a great dvd player it loads the movies faster than my old rca dvd player, and it also plays movies on my flash drive. but too bad the system is too dumb to save a gamesave to the flash drive

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The drives of the xbox 360 connect the the motherboard using SATA (because the xbox 360 is a PowerPC ;)) (the xbox uses IDE, because it is a PC). MS designed the xbox 360 so they can put different parts in it (That seems like a horrific idea in a games console). So if you get a normal SATA HD (of the same size as the normal one) and get it formatted correctly, it should work... but I'm probably wrong lol, after all I have next to no experience with the xbox.

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but too bad the system is too dumb to save a gamesave to the flash drive

Not too dumb, IIRC that's partly how the original XBOX got exploited, MS learnt their lesson, don't make it easy for people to use standard media for gamesaves.

I *think* the problem was that gamesaves weren't signed like the rest of the system, they couldn't be, so the fact that an exploit save file could be loaded from a USB stick made it real easy to exploit a game to get it to run unsigned code.

Now you can't use a USB stick to save games, that's one less way you could exploit it since PCs can't read XB360 memory cards.

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