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The Angle Among U3 hax


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So as i was walking my dog and listening to Security Now i randomly had an idea: Why not make a U3 USB stick that tests the PC for security holes patches them.

Not that it would really make to much sense to do this covertly but it would be really cool if your friend asks you to fix/secure his comp and all you do is stick your USB stick in it once and everything is done :)

So has any one made one like this ?

Just flame me if this was asked before

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never heard of such a thing but to be honist it sounds like it would be an enderver far to big to even tackle considering how many posible holes a computer can have.... new holes in systems are found every day so it can easly be concluded that if the holes were esaly found and patched we wouldnt have so many

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This would be a good way for an administrator to fix 1 or 2 specific problem/install patches or even run a specific spyware cleaner/virus remover for multiple computers. eg your network get a virus you go and get the cleaner for that virus load it onto the usb drive and then pass the drive around make multiple drives for large networks. thats just a thought.

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I wouldn't try it on Windows Shocked

i agree

if your trying to patch windows your all ready doomed to fail

Poor ol windows gets smashed in every forum topic lol. But yes, if there were standard practice fixes on a large network tehn the flash drive could be a very helpful admin tool. And if your admin then you can switchblade it up too not that i endorse this type of behaviour :D

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My white hat payload does this a bit, only with registry fixes. If you're talking about fixing security holes on windows using hotfixes, it can be done easily, because you can install them automatically (and i think hidden, too). Although I don't see the need of doing it silently, it is possible.

Mortiffer, if u have problems, contact me on msn

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