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Bashbunny Not Properly Functioning.


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Hello, I had purchased my Bash Bunny around a year or two ago and configured it and set it all up and nearly forgot I had it. Recently I have been trying to get this thing to properly work. Here is what I am dealing with here.


1). In arming mode the bash bunny is not detected by my PC and I can not access the device.

2). The device takes about 7 or 8 seconds to boot. During this time no LED is presented however shortly after a solid green light is held and does not disappear.

3). I did not understand what the blinking blue and red LED meant and might have bricked it.

4). The device now only shows a solid green LED and nothing else. My computer does not even make a sound when plugged in or light up. At the moment it has been green for 30 minutes.


I had plugged it in. Let the blinking and blue and red lights go and then it had switched to green. It held the green led for 10 minutes before I unplugged it. Prior to this however I had unplugged it while those lights were blinking I believe multiple times. I know it's stupid in hindsight.

I hope that my device can be recovered and and hoping it is not bricked. However I fear that is not the case.

Any reply or tips would help! Thanks!

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20 hours ago, chrizree said:

Yes I tried that and it was going fine but after the red and blue flashes to indicate a reset it gets stuck on a solid green LED. It does not reboot but went through everything else properly. I unplugged it and plugged it back in but no LED. Any idea what to do? I've done this reset method last night with no response and earlier and got the LED's to light up finally. I was getting ZERO leds last night. Weird. Anyway thanks!

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