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EMP jammer for drones?


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Hey guys new to the forums!

I won't make this long

I'm starting a project and I would like to make a drone jammer gun (and not buy one that costs $10,000 dollars). I have 6 months to deliver a final product, conecptual design, or a scale model that might work on mini drones.

I've been diving deep in the internet but haven't found any schematics or blueprints to make a circuit that delivers enough power to take down a drone at a good distance.

I've been reading about RF jamming and GPS jamming but I need a lot of studying to do.

I have LOTS of work to do but I'm motivated to achieve a final product.

If EMP is not possible maybe Microwave with Magnetron?


I'll be posting updates and consider all your ideas!!



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On 11/26/2020 at 3:13 PM, Rkiver said:

Generating an EMP, that is directional?

As someone with a degree in physics I'm simply going to shake my head, and say no.

well they could but not for much less than 10k with only civilian equipment sources and expect it to be powerful enough to work more than 6 ft.


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Instead of focusing one a single beam at a fast moving target (that would require extreme precision) --- why not widen the beam to make a shroud around whatever you're wishing to disrupt?   Simpler to create a "cloud of bad electronical weather" where ever you're operating imo.  

Take Flares and Chaff as an example.  They're simple countermeasures that are very effective, to this day.

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Hi....Not certain where you are, but rather here in the US, the FCC directs transmission power levels. Not certain what the cutoff points are intended for these groups, however you can wager that they are underneath vexed cutoff points aside from appropriately authorized transmitters like radars. By and large, making impedance or disturbing other electronic frameworks is consistently unlawful! Indeed, there are labs, both private and government, where such work is continuous, however those are for the most part under all around controlled and directed conditions.

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