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  1. Maybe not all of it, but to some degree I think it might be posible, I'm not questioning your physics degree btw. Maybe I would be better off with microwaves or RF/GPS jamming? Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hey guys new to the forums! I won't make this long I'm starting a project and I would like to make a drone jammer gun (and not buy one that costs $10,000 dollars). I have 6 months to deliver a final product, conecptual design, or a scale model that might work on mini drones. I've been diving deep in the internet but haven't found any schematics or blueprints to make a circuit that delivers enough power to take down a drone at a good distance. I've been reading about RF jamming and GPS jamming but I need a lot of studying to do. I have LOTS of work to do but I'm motivated to achieve a final product. If EMP is not possible maybe Microwave with Magnetron? I'll be posting updates and consider all your ideas!!
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