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Unable for clients to connect

Joe K

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Hi all,

I purchased a nano few years ago but every time when I was trying to use it I was unable to do so. Hopefully someone will be able to help me.

My issue is that I can't connect to any of the wifi networks that I create and broadcast.  My pineapple is connected to the internet, updated to the last firmware, PineAP Daemon: Enabled,  Log PineAP Events and broadcast ssid pool ticked. 

From networking menu the management ssid is working and I'm fully able to login and access the pineapple but when I'm trying to connect to the open ssid same issue unable to join the network.

I can preform recon's and see all the networks around and all their details (mac, security, wps etc). 

Probably I'm skipping something really easy and basic but I tried so many times with different settings and I couldn't make it work...please help

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When it comes to the Open SSID that the Nano distributes "in the air", it works for me without any problems if setting the appropriate filters.

1) Set an SSID for the open AP in the "Networking" tab of the WiFi Pineapple web GUI under "Open SSID"

2) Go to the "Filters" tab and set "Deny Listed MAC(s)" in the "Client Filtering" column (left)
   (but don't add any MAC addresses if you don't actively want to block certain clients)

3) Set "Allow Listed SSID(s)" in the "SSID Filtering" column (right)

4) Type the same SSID name for the open network that was used in the "Networking" tab in the SSID textbox and click "Add", the SSID should appear in the list below "Allow Listed SSID(s)"

5) Verify by connecting to the open SSID


Steps 3 and 4 can be omitted if using "Deny Listed SSID(s)" and leave the list empty, or at least not specifying the name of the open SSID in the list.

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