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  1. to be honest, my nano never worked properly, and it's been almost a year ... i think the problem will not be fixed, i will resend the mkvll and ask for a refund
  2. I just did a factory reset, no change. 😞
  3. I may have a lead .... I have printers that connect to my spoofed ssid and also a wii game console. but my test pc under windows 10, even by disconnecting my router it does not connect to the spoofed ssid of the pineapple. I also tested with the nano and it's the same
  4. I spoofed the ssid of my wifi (pineapple) then I disconnected my wifi (router), my test pc remains unassociated Clients, no connection with the pineapple :-(, I will try to make a video.. and thanx you for your help πŸ˜‰
  5. same problem again, I bought the mkvVll hoping that it would work better, the pineapple is a joke?
  6. same problem with the pineapple nano, the client is disconnected with the deauth, but does not reconnect to my open ap french wifi not vulnerable to pineapple?
  7. Hello all I just received my pineapple, after a long test, no clients connect to my pineapple. after a deauth, the client is disconnected then reconnects to the same wifi but not on my pineapple https://streamable.com/zr4pdk
  8. Hello is pineapple really useful for pentesting? I ask myself the question because since I have been, I realize that it has never been useful to me, the HSTS bypass no longer works and therefore this takes away a large part of its interesting functionalities ...
  9. hum try to connect the pineapple with ssh and execute the module to see the errors (/scripts/sslsplit.sh start)
  10. WaReD

    shark jack

    hooo 😞 ok thanx you
  11. WaReD

    shark jack

    woww excellent, it delivered with the charging usb-c cable?
  12. hoo thanx you, i will test that πŸ˜‰
  13. after new firmware the module does not work anymore, my pineapple is useless 😞 my question is im downgrade or im wait for update of mdule?
  14. i do not understand, today its impossible to use sslstrip without certificat installed on the victim, so what to do with pineapple? just handshake capture? sorry for my very bad english,
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