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no clients to connect to my pineapple


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14 hours ago, Phuture said:

matching spoofed AP MAC to legit AP MAC

Oh your still on about that, my apologies I thought we had moved on.  Its possible from CLI to change MAC for all interfaces on the pineapple so not sure what you mean unless you want to go into more detail...? do you mean the beacon responses from PineAP? You can configure that to use one MAC from GUI already. Or maybe you mean you would like each beacon response to have its own unique MAC address for a valid router that may not be in range to obtain its original MAC from?

14 hours ago, Phuture said:

... I found something new to be grumpy about - the BB system's inability to restrict posts containing only useless, thoughtless, shameful content (see: yours).

Well luckily that's to do with BB so you can go complain to them about that, eh? :)

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11 hours ago, kaliham said:

Same problem.  I am really disappointed with mk7 it is more a commercial product for my taste and not successful.  I still use my nano it's sad

Are you seriously saying your nano is performing better than your MK7?


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Wish to know this as well. Can't make clients connect to PineAP.
Most likely, phones connects to WIFI not to created AP by MK7 but still, once I disconnect router, phone gets some connection, but Evil Portal doesn't work. Sometimes I can see landing page of my router to type login and password... 

MK7 should be "user friendly" but it's not.

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