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  1. kaliham

    red led

    my ducky no longer works so I still have to replace sd but nothing to do with the red led. I wonder if the ducky sent for some time have not defected. or I wonder if the av or Windows have not found the solution for the ducky
  2. Same problem. I am really disappointed with mk7 it is more a commercial product for my taste and not successful. I still use my nano it's sad
  3. kaliham

    red led

    Hi i had the same problem i had to test 4 different sd card. in the end a 16gb sd works very well. I advise you to try again with other sd card
  4. Hi everyone. I also have this problem I'm trying to find pages for evil portal. asterix can you develop. how do you go about creating your pages? thank you in advance
  5. kaliham

    red led

    it was the sd card that was defective. the ducky works perfectly. change your cards if this happens to you
  6. kaliham

    red led

    yes sorry I came from another page without changing the size
  7. kaliham

    red led

    i will go buy another sd card apparently it will come from the sd provided with ducky
  8. kaliham

    red led

    hi everyone i have the exact same problem. the led remains red and no injector hits can someone help us? merc
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