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Can’t install Modules or get any News Update


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The title is pretty self explanatory, but theirs no modules for me to install, and when I go to update or anything it's all blank, i'm currently reinstalling the firmware to see if that will make a change.

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I feel stupid now haha, To fix this (I'm assuming you clicked on wireless mode too) you have to legitimately sign into a network instead of just clicking it and thinking you're good.

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On 11/27/2020 at 3:27 PM, squashedfrog said:

how many modules are there currently available for the mk7, I am only seeing 6, is that right.  sure I had more before I updated to firmware 1.0.1

There are currently 6, yes; I’m no sure if they’re going to add anymore, I haven’t even used the Pinapple, as much as I thought I would, I think I might sell it

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