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c2 start?


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I had everything up and running and was in my website. But the session expired and now everytime I try to start my c2 with sudo ./c2_community-linux-64 -hostname hostname.org -https I get:

[*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud c2

[!] Error starting ssh


Can anyone help? I have my ssh running and did the same thing as yesterday. I don't get whats going on? Im a newbie so something that might seem obvious to you isn't even in scope for me.. I've also looked everywhere online and of course can't find anything helpful..

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lmao thats the same one I followed. And everything was good but my session expired because I had to go deal with my son. But I wonder since I updated to 3.0 and it was 2.2 when I set everything up, if I have to change the license and key for the 3.0 version??

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I had some issue after I made the update.. credentials were invalid...

So I used the infos from the setup video but downloaded the cloud 3.0 instead to avoid having to upgrade.

I had to enter licence again but it works just fine now

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