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  1. unfortunately, my mk7 still suffers from disconnecting from the c2 cloud, what logs do i need to look at on the c2 in order to find out why this is going on?
  2. Solved by the great @Foxtrot. if anyone has the same issue the do this: edit /usr/bin/handle_usbeth uncomment line 13 save and quit
  3. thank you for replaying darren, i appreciate it...... but you are throwing a lot on a newbie here...... so first thing first - i run the date command and i get the same time and date but one in in utc and the other is gmt.... (server in Germany and im in the middle east). i suppose i didn't explain myself well enough, my mk7 is connected via the c-usb to my pc, and although i shared my lan connection on windows with the pineapple it wont get connected to the internet, so my only option was to connect via the wifi client mode to my home wifi....and only then i could install modules get updates etc. while all this time even if im connected via wifi (not to the c2) its seems to have a problem with the time sync...... it keeps showing up - i press sync browser (chrome) and i press sync manually and nothing..... the wifi pineapple does not go back online after going offline once.......unless i restart it manually i followed your video step by step when i installed the c2 cloud...... and it works fine.....but i dont know how to pull those logs........ and regarding your final quastion, i have no idea about, i didnt see date chaneging and i can log in just fine to the c2 server and interface hopes it helps you help me 🙂
  4. got offline few minutes after my provisos post, it might be connected to this: i cant get the Time Misconfiguration Connect to a network or sync the browser time. to disapear... i sync browser time, i manually update the time zone, and even tough i am connected via wifi client mode (for some reason it wont get network from my pc even after i shared the connection to it) and it wont go away... maybe its all connected?
  5. hello, so i am running an evil portal on my mk7 from the kbeflo evilportals on github.... how can i see its output in the loot on the c2 cloud? or how can i configure what will show up in loot on the mk7? or am i missing the place on the c2 where i can see and interact with the modules on the mk7? thank for all the helpers
  6. quick update..... the my mk7 is connected via Wi-Fi to my lan, and connected to my computer (although i shared the network connection it does not get internet via the usb c). on the c2 cloud my mk disconnects even if i dont do nothing after 30 min it will disconnect from the c2 cloud and the only way to get back at it is to go to its management ip, remove the c2 config file, and reboot it............ i did a fresh installation of the c2 cloud v3 and it keep happening..... next step is to reinstall the mk7 firmware..... any idea will be welcome im losing my mind over it.... thanks
  7. you welcome..... like you im here to learn.....
  8. so just do a new clean install of the v3 and forget this headache....
  9. as a newbie myself i can only say i followed this video step by step and all works fine. hope it helps
  10. Hello so i registered my mk7 to the c2 v3 and all looks fine, i can see it online on the c2, but when i try to turn the pineAP on from the C2 the mk7 device goes offline and i cant reach it unless i connect directly to it and remove the config file...... and same happens if i reboot it..... it just wont go back online....... any one else have this issues? thank you
  11. every thing looks great, again thank you Hak5 team. i have one question, is there a way to edit\control the modules from the C2 or i have to edit it (for example- evil portal) before deployment?
  12. lol..... its getting to the point of sadness......
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