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  1. Erik91

    c2 start?

    Thanks heck5 Ill try that.
  2. Erik91

    c2 start?

    Yeah Im trying that now. Thanks for your input man!
  3. Erik91

    c2 start?

    lmao thats the same one I followed. And everything was good but my session expired because I had to go deal with my son. But I wonder since I updated to 3.0 and it was 2.2 when I set everything up, if I have to change the license and key for the 3.0 version??
  4. Erik91

    c2 start?

    Everytime I try to log in it says my credentials are invalid? but I know Im typing the right stuff
  5. I had everything up and running and was in my website. But the session expired and now everytime I try to start my c2 with sudo ./c2_community-linux-64 -hostname hostname.org -https I get: [*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud c2 [!] Error starting ssh ubuntu@ip-155414153:~$ Can anyone help? I have my ssh running and did the same thing as yesterday. I don't get whats going on? Im a newbie so something that might seem obvious to you isn't even in scope for me.. I've also looked everywhere online and of course can't find anything helpful..
  6. hey Darren, I just got my shark jack in the mail and everything was going smooth until I tried to ssh into the shark jack. It said network error: connection refused?? Is there a certain reason this is happening? And also I cant find my shark jacks interface anymore that first time was the only time it got that far?? Love your content man, hoping you have some wise words of wisdom.
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