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I had hopped into IRC after a long absence and was idling for about 3 minutes before I was banned I didnt even get a chance to type anything I was still in the process of making sure my new IRC client worked and setting up the preferences when I get instantly banned not sure why I was banned though after all I didnt even have a chance to type a word. Just wondering if maybe the server was glitched or something

I love HAK5 and would really like to be apart of the community. Being an IT guy for my stepdads company. Anyway sorry for the inconvienience I was just wondering and hoping it was a glitch or an accident, mistaken identity or something.

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I think it has been resolved allthough instead of it saying I am banned it will stay connected for about 5 minutes then crash. Dont worry I am not a n00b like the tag suggests so I am trying to work the problem. I believe it has to do with Snak which is the IRC client that I use on mac. I believe it has to do with the program and not so much the server. I have a very strong feeling that the program maybe Microshafted as in released but not ready yet and still full of bugs.

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