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So i've come to the point where i need a project. I wanted to build a Media Center. My only problem is bridging the gap to get the video on my tv. Everywhere i look they don't talk about it. So i was wondering how to accomplish this in a "cheap" manner. My tv has the typical rca inputs and a s-video input. I was planning on trying a video card with s-vid output but i heard they don't work well.

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I had a strange issue similar to what you describe where the image appeared flickery.

I don't remember exactly what I did, but some where in the nVidia drivers config you can specifies whether the TV is connected via s-video or composite. IIRC if I set it to S-Video the image went flickery, if I set it to composite it was fine. Of course my TV is connected via S-Video through a S-Video to SCART (effectively all in one composite, sort of analogue equivalent of HDMI) adapter which might have caused it.

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