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  1. Thanks Purple, for your insight on the matter. I didn't mean to start a war here in any way. It just seems like some people are all uptight about stuff and have to make a comment pointing it out. Digip your information you provided i appreciate. None of this was directed at you in any way. Yeah I looked around on the net for sites and books to help in my learning of php, but i felt as if there were better ones out there. Thats why i turned to the community so that i wasn't mislead. I did not single out any one and say "Hey (insert name) , where can I go learn php." No, it was just a general inquiry and if you bothered to take the time and read it and make a response that's all i was looking for. I wasn't looking to get flamed about it. If you got something better to do, then do it!
  2. I'm really tired of getting flamed on these forums. I came to this community for advice because I trust their knowledge. Yes I could of went out and found the answer myself, but i rather get a few pointers and suggestions from the community that I am a part of. For all the others that helped me with some links and suggestions thank you!
  3. Hey guys, just a couple questions. Tomorrow I graduate college, and i'm going to have a lot of time on my hands so I wanted to learn a few new things. I was going to try to pick up PHP, and was wondering if anyone could recommend some good sites and or books I should pick up.
  4. Sparda i totally agree with you and i have no idea what Nophix is talking about. Firing someone over that is crazy. I locked down my machine not any of the servers. I am second in command to my boss which is the IT Coordinator for our school District. So i think i have the right to protect my machine. If he wants to monitor something do it under my supervision and its all good. If he wants to look around for something so be it, but i want to be there when he does it. Currently his job is in jeopardy because he's not completing the tasks he suppose to be doing. So i pose a threat to him as taking over his job if the Superintendent sees that to fit. I too have wireshark, nmap and cain and abel installed on my computer and my boss has questioned me about it before. The problem is that he's not aware that these tools can be used for good use in finding certain problems. But anyways we are getting all ethical here and that wasn't the point of the post. The post was served to help me find a solution to my problem not question my ethic's.
  5. Yeah i was hoping i didn't have to rebuild it, but i guess i have too. Your right he prolly does have permission to snoop around my machine, but i rather not anyone but me touch my machine. I work at a school and just think about it, the unlikeness of this to happen is low but it could. Say my boss or anyone else there is looking to get my fired, well someone can throw Child Pron on my computer and guess what my life is over. All they would have to do is throw a little virus in or something just to set off the virus program or just snoop around in my computer and then they have probable cause to accuse me for that stuff on my computer. I know it's a low risk but it still might happen and i'd rather take the proper steps to mitigate the possibility of a sabotage threat.
  6. joker5893

    Locked Out

    Hey guys, have a bit of a problem here. I locked myself out of my computer at work. I am running XP. What i did was lock down the computer so only I could log into it. I removed all the local user accounts, and disabled the local admin account. I was having problems with my boss snooping around my computer. So the only account that could get into my computer was my domain admin account. The problem is that the other day i deleted my computer out of Active Directory because it had the old SID. When i came into work the next day my computer had been updated because of patch Tuesday and therefore restarted. When i came in guess what my computer couldn't see the Domain and therefore bringing me to my problem. Anyone have an idea to bust me outta this situation.
  7. Success!! Ok so i ran into a couple of problems. One being the IP in the sshenable that you cleared up. Another problem is when i was patching the kernel and reboot config, it would lock up and i would have to physically unplug the Fon and try again. (only took two attempts). Also when i tried launching the Flash Firmware GUI it gave off an error. The error said it couldn't find the wpcap.dll. So i downloaded it, then tried again, then it said couldn't' find packet.dll. So i downloaded that and tried to launch again. Still an error so i deleted the packet.dll and wpcap.dll files out of frustration and tried to launch again. Then it worked. But now i got it up and interested in seeing whats next for it. Thank you for your help Darren.
  8. Hey Darren, that was it. I was looking at the code and i was thinking along those lines but wasn't sure.
  9. Hey guys, i started to do the process of all this and i ran into a problem. In an email i told Darren that my Fon was 0.7.0 r4. So i got up to step 4 where you run the sshenable and it takes me to a Fon splash page that tells me that i have no connection. When i try to SSH in i get a connection refused. Any ideas?
  10. Haha, i know i'm going to secure it soon, i just wanted to play with his computer
  11. I should prolly rephrase my question seeing how it made no sense this morning cuz i wasn't up yet. So i have this guy that keeps connecting to my wireless and i want to be able to see when he connects like in real time. I know i should just secure my wireless but i'm too lazy right now.
  12. Does anyone know of a program that will alert you real time that someone is getting an IP address of your router.
  13. Hi, im getting an error when i run my go.cmd file it says that the winvnc.exe and vnchooks.dll file can not be found even though they are in the same folder as the go.cmd file.
  14. I'd have to agree with a lot of what blunderboy said. I'm also a technician for a school district and i have a lot of neat tools that i like to use. For one an external optical drive is great. This is when you need to lets say install something on a computer that doesn't have a DVD reader in it. So pick up an external DVD optical drive. Next a 3.5 and 2.5 HDD sled is very nice for backing up data in a computer that the motherboard may have fried. You already got your power supply tester. Make sure to get some good torque screwdrivers. Flashlight is good. If you gotta pull cable in dark ceilings be sure to get a cap light. Just attaches to like a baseball cap and its kinda like a mining shaft helmet. Next for networks you'll wanna get a tone generator. This is good for tracing wires back to the closet. Also get one that has a built in cable mapper. You'll also need some RJ-45 crimpers and cable strippers. I could think of a thousand things that i use everyday. Finally i would suggest getting a good sized flash drive. A 2gb should do.
  15. To tell you the truth i don't know what protocol its transferring over. I am indeed using Ghost ver. 8 to transfer the image to the virtual server.
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