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Getting the most out of pandoras jar

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This is what I do, and it's been working great.

Find a computer you never use, like some old old thing that can't do much. Reformat the hdd, and install xp. If the computer runs slowly then just put it into the "old" theme of xp.

Get this computer an internet connection. If not ethernet, they make some easy to use wireless adapters for even $15 nowadays.

Install pandoras jar, and get it working. Go to realvnc.com and get the free version. Go to start>all programs>realvnc>Real-vnc Server USER MODE. Add a password and encryption if you want.

Now, once its working, turn the volume down to 0 in pandora, and unplug the monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc so its just the box running.

From a LAN computer to go its lanip:5800. A java applet loads so you can control the computer if needed. Wait a week or so, maybe checking on it every 2 days.

Plug in an external drive (if you don't feel like networking it) and simply drop its mp3 folder over the old mp3 folder you had before on your old hdd, and they should merge perfectly.

I downloaded 15 gb, 5 from my old computer, and 15 (only about 10 gb were different songs) and they merged perfectly, forming the ideal music library.

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his method is basically having a old pc run the pandora jar and rip songs 24/7 then when ever you need, you sync up with it and get all of the music

(you can even make a batch file to sync the music up with a PDS or mp3 player if needed (the only problem is that out of the 15GB of music, you will hate 10GB of that music and will have to manually delete the ones you don't like

(theres no way around that unless you can get someone to sit at that pc 24/7 and have them rip the good songs only)

(I was working on a way to get better control but gave up. my plan was to have a live broadcast of the audio like how hak5 does the live episodes

then using the remote ripping feature, I can probably connect to my ip address using a remote pc then listen to the music and remotely rip the music so when i come home, all the good songs that day will be grabbed and saved

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