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That Mac advert


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Macs appeal to people who need to use applications, not computers and can afford to just buy something that will pretty much work out of the box. Usually they couldn't give a shit about computers, they just want to use Photoshop or FinalCut. They also appeal to people who want a unix based OS but cannot be arsed with Linux/BSD.

PC's appeal to people who need a computer but don't want to pay Apple prices. And because there cheap, easy to modify using commodity parts and run the largest amount of software they also attract the bulk of the prosumer market.

Ironically this argument will soon be moot because within 10 years more people will be accessing the internet via phones and pda-like devices than with fully fledged computers.

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I think it's a little unfair to bring such a judgmental hammer down on Macs as a whole.

pre-intel macs I often laughed at the silly 1 buttoned mac user but you know what? I own a new power mac now.

Whole "one button mouse" BS that guy was on about is old and no longer true. The mac mighty mouse is great and it comes with macs now. No longer one button and the lil scroller dot feels a lot more natural than the wheel.

And lets not forget, who introduced the mouse to home computing? Yea the guys a bitter english asshole spinning on what he THINK not what he knows.

Where the Mac stole my heart is when i got 2x duel core Xeons cheaper than I could for a PC alternative. Not only that but if any of you have tried the new Photoshop CS3 beta, icon click to functional in 6 secs, ANYONE who has used Photoshop has to be impressed by that. And Adobe think that they may get the final loading time down to 3-4 secs on a mac. Fantastic.

I still use my PCs a lot, couldnt live without my laptop and for my extra geeky activities it has to be a PC, there's just a lot more third party resources for it. There are things macs just can't do.

However, what they can do they do oh so very well. OSX and iLife are just superb. For the general everyday stuff is fantastic and for the more intense video and graphical work i do, it just blows my other systems away. It even get a better WoW frame rate (which is links with itunes on a mac btw) heh.

Macs now are reasonably priced for the hardware you're getting. Dell can't beat the spec of the power mac and they tend to be cheaper than building from scratch now.

So i think the problem is so many people wanna stay in one camp and hate on the other, pc and mac people do it.

They both have limits and problems and both have advantages. I have both platforms and multiple-OS's and i enjoy em all.

I just wish there was more objective reviews rather than mac guys slating all PCs because they've never heard of linux or even given the PC a chance and pc-guys do the same to the macs.

I've my house setup so I can control most of the electrical elements via my server machine (much like the Hak5 lamp mod heh). I couldn't do that with a mac (as easily at least). For the mods/hackers and general geeky bastards, PC is the best option right now.

For those of us who have more media driven pursuits a mac makes our life a lot easier too.

Also they're adverts, they're designed to make the sellers product look the best, sure they play the pc in dull-light but they don't lie about anything.

I'ma stop now because I feel like a ratarded Gandi. I just want all platforms to get along. :P

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