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Hak5 Cloud C2 Licence 1 year or lifetime


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Hey Guys

Is the cloud c2 licence for 500 respectively 250 USD for lifetime (with 1 year support) or just for one year?

Thanks for a quick respnse (I am about to get funds ready for a "Hak5 gear-up" at my company... 🙂 )

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25 minutes ago, sudo4all said:

can not connect to the internet with wifi pineapple nano (windows10)


please helppppp

Wrong topic. And giving basically everyone root is very bad idea.

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On 5/1/2020 at 4:04 PM, Jtyle6 said:

I've updated with my key. That I had for a while now.

Thanks for this! Have you had your key for more than a year now! 🙂
I just need to know as I have to file the annual cost of our future cloud c2....

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