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Successfull fail on upgrade? (not bricked..yet)

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Hi..i got my 2nd owl..i did manage to brick the first one. With the new one, i followed instructions again and now im here:

When i plug the owl in..one slingle blink..then a few seconds nothing...then rapid blink like selection mode (the usb drive blinks with it) but the rapid is less then 3 secs..then kinda fast blink (like booting) ending in a solid for a few few feconds...2-3 blinks and then slow blink error because no payload

When i press the button then, it switches to the double blinking Arming mode and i can see the wifi spot and i can ssh to it.

I wanted to check the version and have read that there should be a version file in / , but i cant find a version file to cat.

Am i updated now or not? And why isnt it rapid blinking for 3 seconds?

Please help me fast..as i want to keep on playing with it, but i first need a confirmation at what state i am atm.
I did not put any payloads yet..nothing but the update file. And it seems to have been deleted after the upgrade from the usb drive

How can i check now..please help..i dont want to brick it again on day 1

Thanks for any help.

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