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BashBunny in 2020?


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2 hours ago, WannaMacro said:

Hello, Just asking you guys, is BB worth it in 2020? I mean is all of it detected by AV and does it run?     Also how long the Bunny works, does it turn into DedBunny easily? Or does it have long life?

First of all, use the search bar. You would find this:

This topic was posted in november 2019 and is still very accurate and not outdated.

But ok, I'll answer your questions.

0. You probably think of the bunny like that: A malware device that will hack your computer but it mostly gets detected by AV's.

That is completely wrong. The BB is a linux system in a USB-stick. It doesn't have to do anything with malware. That's the same like if you would download malware on your computer and then you would tell me that your computer is a malware computer that will hack other computers. But, you can use your computer ofc also for hacking.

1. Yes it is worth getting a BB in 2020. Why wouldn't it be worth? Tell me pls. Tell me the negative points, because I don't see any. It's the best hak5 product in my opinion.

2. No, the BB won't be detected by the AV. Look, the BB isn't something dangerous. It is a trusted device, or more like, it takes the clothes of a trusted device. The BB itself ins't "dangerous" and won't be detected, there would be no reason for that. But I mean, if you would put a virus program on the BB, it may be detected, but that's the same as on a regular USB device. If you put WannaCry on an usb-stick, your AV will go crazy.

3. No, it doesn't turn to a DedBunny. I mean, that is just one guy here who got a dead bunny and all the other 600000 (idk how many) are working. There are always some black sheeps in the horde. And we don't even know what this guy did with the bunny. Maybe it fell into water or something. Maybe it isn't even the bunny's fault.

4. I'm using mine since december 2018 almost every day. That's around 400 days. Some days I'm using the bunny for more that 5 hours (im not kidding xd) and some days I don't use it at all. And it still works perfectly. It does have a long live. But there's also a topic for that in the forums, you could use the search bar 😉.


Last words: 95% of the people who have issues getting the bunny to work are using it wrong (e.g. wrong setup or something). On almost every topic it isn't the bunny's fault. And I would recommend you to write your own payloads, as some of the payloads on the hak5 github don't work. Note: Those aren't hak5's payloads. Those are community payloads.

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