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wifi card monitor mode?


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What is the chance my wifi card doesnt actualy support monitoring?

I type in "airmon-ng start wlan0 monitor" and get:

non-mac80211 device?

(mac80211 monitor mode vif enabled for [phy0]wlan0 on [phy0]wlan0mon)

(mac80211 station mode vif disabled for [phy0]wlan0)

If i use wifite i can scan my network but i never see any data packets, even if im downloading, watching a movie or signing into my other computer.

im running kali as base OS on a dell L-53(?)

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Do some reading at the following links.

https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers  shows that the loaded driver does support monitor mode but need to verify your card.

https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/b43  info on the driver

https://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=compatible_cards information on compatibility with aircrack suite

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 #CH  5 ][ Elapsed: 6 s ][ 2020-02-03 18:37                                         
 #BSSID              PWR  Beacons    #Data, #/s  CH  MB   ENC  CIPHER AUTH ESSID
 #AA:8D:8C:A1:1E:05  -86        2        0    0  11  130  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  SDM                                                                                                                  
 #AA:5F:06:E7:82:AD  -26       32        0    0   9  130  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  Lewis                                                                                                                
 #AA:B6:86:73:14:1D  -34        7        0    0   9   65  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  DIRECT-1C-HP  Printer                                                                                           
 #AA:1E:E3:C7:B7:D4  -45        7        0    0   9  130  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  DIRECT-roku-313-0321C0                                                                                               
 #AA:6F:F2:C3:AB:D2  -75        5        0    0   1  195  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  TDS1038                                                                                                              
 #AA:8D:8C:91:7A:A9  -78        5        0    0   1  130  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  Steigers                                                                                                             
 #AA:64:05:AC:98:40  -80        3        0    0   1  54 . OPN              RVi-CC-606405ac9840                                                                                                  
 #AA:5F:06:EE:3F:85  -85        2        0    0   6  130  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  TDSGT784WN3447                                                                                                       
 #BSSID              STATION            PWR   Rate    Lost    Frames  Probe


I've read the wiki sites and re-downloaded and installed b43, b43legacy and  b43-fwcutter.  I still don't seem to be getting any data packets. Sorry for the copy paste. My card goes to wlan1mon. I can scan and see other networks. I guess my problem is i never get a handshake.

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