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  1. Sort or uniq? Man pahes might help.
  2. #CH 5 ][ Elapsed: 6 s ][ 2020-02-03 18:37 # #BSSID PWR Beacons #Data, #/s CH MB ENC CIPHER AUTH ESSID # #AA:8D:8C:A1:1E:05 -86 2 0
  3. I recently read a post asking how many hours everyone spends on thier computer each day. (wanted to link it here, but could not find it again) In the post someone brought up the topic of cofortable chairs. So my question is...What do your offices or home offices look like? My home office is just a roll top desk. Use to use an old office chair (enjoyed the nostalgia, but uncofortable). So i changed to more of a lounger. I've been thinking about converting to wall mounted screens and beanbag/lounger of some form. My office cubicle was just a desk and nice chair, but we had stand u
  4. Broadcom Inc. BMC4312 802.11/g LP-PHY (rev.01) Driver b43
  5. What is the chance my wifi card doesnt actualy support monitoring? I type in "airmon-ng start wlan0 monitor" and get: non-mac80211 device? (mac80211 monitor mode vif enabled for [phy0]wlan0 on [phy0]wlan0mon) (mac80211 station mode vif disabled for [phy0]wlan0) If i use wifite i can scan my network but i never see any data packets, even if im downloading, watching a movie or signing into my other computer. im running kali as base OS on a dell L-53(?)
  6. My name is Kilo. a.k.a Ddanraks Favourite game: Soul Reaver Favourite OS: Kali Favourite console: Nintendo original Accent: English Sex: NB Race: Height: 6" Build: Lean Favourite band: none Favourite book: The Gambit Favourite author: David Eddings Favourite movie: Cloud Atlas Favourite TV Show: none Favourite actor: Keanu Reaves Favourite actress: Scarlet Johanson Favourite Pin-up: Christin Hindrix Car: shellby Occupation: Industrial God
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