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Bash Bunny Cloud C2?


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13 hours ago, Darren Kitchen said:

Can you describe the scenario in which you envision this being used?

If using the BB over some time deployed it would be nice to be able to collect loot without visiting the site. I know this is not the intended use of the BB but it would be nice to collect loot from Cloud C2

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On 10/24/2019 at 8:44 PM, Darren Kitchen said:

How is the Bash Bunny getting Internet access from the target in this scenario?

Played with my Bash Bunny now and it's not suitable for Cloud C2 as I can see it. This question can be closed for now.
I ended up buying WiFi Pineapple, Shark Jack and Signal Owl too, not the cheapest month of the year 😉 But you do build nice tools and even if my laptop can do most things that your equipment do I prefere the small size compared to my laptop.

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