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  1. Updated my Signal Owl to latest firmware, but as soon as I run any payloads it keeps booting into that payload and after a few tries to get into ARMING mode the unit resets. I can never get the loot htat way... How do I know when to push the button?
  2. Ran into a problem yesterday, hooked my Shark Jack to an unguarded jack. It could not finish the scan before battery died. After hooking up my laptop i could se a giant landscape. Would probably need 5 more minutes to finish this simple scan. Battery life is way to strict for this unit to reach full potential. Version 2 need at least 5x longer time as I see it.
  3. Predator

    Shell Access

    All device configs should be in /etc
  4. Check this short video of the first life sigh I got, this should be the dead Signal Owl if I'm correct and I haven't even got that far that I could fuck my unit up by flashing it etc. My Shark Jack worked as it should but my Signal Owl is so dead, I really hope they have a replacement policy for DOA units. https://gofile.io/?c=es7F7m
  5. It doesn't boot at all, no way to get in to the firmware flashing part.
  6. Hooked up my brand new Signal Owl to a USB power source and it slowly blink red with nothing else connected. Why? Is there anyway I can try to get it online?
  7. SiteSurvey 1.6 keeps resetting wan2 interface when running a long scan with AP & clients FW: 2.6.2
  8. Weird, I have Bitdefender Total Security 2020 too but mine stops everything, it even immunize the USB-drive when inserted disabling every script it finds that can be harmful etc.
  9. FW: 2.6.2 SiteSurvey v 1.6 When trying to capture handshakes it never stops aireplay-ng and airodump-ng, they will run forever even when canceled from GUI and block everything else until reboot of the Pineapple
  10. I'll check this out and do what I can to support the module creators.
  11. Then I should be able to get loot, only problem is to retrieve it after the test to make the complete proof of concept 😁
  12. How do I delete old obsolete Recon scans? It would also be nice if settings in PineappleAP would syncronize it's settings, right now I can have broadcast SSID pool to true in C2 and disabled in Pineapple GUI.
  13. The situation is physical access with access to network. They should not really let me in at all but I do have access right now. They are nitified that I will try to get access and that I will try to get hold of information from network. So maybe PS is the way to go since we will test IT if they notice equipment that should not be there.
  14. Maybe but it won't detect a pure HID device, if I run Rubber Ducky on HID, Masstorage it won't detect it. Probably it detect BB just because it shows entire filsystem while in masstorage mode. Have to run more tests with this, when running pure HID BB is undetected.
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