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Nothing much new,but...


winaudit , pwdump , officeins , ipconfig , netview , netstat ,produkey , netpass , mailpv , iepv , iehv , wul , wkey , pspv , dialupass, mspass , mzcv , firepassword , netresview , portqry , anup , cprocess , usbdeview , lsadump , olpass , vncpwdump , cachedump , gethashes...and slurping.In folder are goAll.cmd , goAuditAndPass , goMiniPack,goPass and goSlurp,so U can save some time with desired .cmd. Files will be locked in .rar, password is tz0n3 and later U can change it,of course. Winaudit process is visible,but I use this in front of owner of the computer,so I dont have problems.

I have to do some things,I need help.

1. after pwdump I must click Enter to proceed further audit.Can this be automatic like with the other tools ?

2. I cant make separate logs for Winaudit,Passwords,Local and Browser.Can somebody see where I'm wrong ?

3.How to make logs of WinAudit , iehv and mzcv to be in html format ?

Remkow , thanks for great help with this.

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err... my anit-virus says this thing is full of viruses, so i wouldnt download it

Usually when you download a large pack of misc. viruses, that's usually what's inside. Viruses. If it's not then someone's tricked you.

At least this way you know that the bag of cocked shotguns and primed bear traps are indeed what you asked for.

Just be careful what you double click on.

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