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shark jack


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You mean from this photo?



Those are my actual shades* (A set of wayfarers), keys** and wallet. As you might imagine, I like red and black 🙂

* I'm not sponsored by Ray Ban - but if you're keen on a pair they're available at https://www.ray-ban.com/usa/sunglasses/wayfarer/plp
** the keys in the photo are random old keys for locks since replaced... wouldn't be silly enough to put my actual keys in a photo 😉


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The Shark Jack Combo Kit includes a cable.

It actually has a pretty nifty USB-C accessory kit with a special shorty USB-C cable, along with C to A and C to Micro adapters, USB Ethernet adapter, Ethernet cable. It also includes the Hak5 Essential Gear Wrap, which is a Hak5 branded nylon wrap with a zipper pouch and elastic straps made specifically for Hak5 gear. It's my every day gear wrap for dev essentials 🙂


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