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First things first, ditch the splash page. I don't mean to be harsh, but the nineties called (you know the rest). Now on to the advertisements, ditch those too. This web site is an ad for disc shack, and having ad in an ad is kind of redundant. You should try to get him to pay for hosting, its not that expensive, and it would make you and him look more professional. The composition on some of the photos is kinda off. Oh yeah, DON'T USE ALL CAPS. FOR ANYTHING. PERIOD. :wink:

On to the code, did you use dreamweaver? You definitely used a WYSIWYG, one shouldn't be able to tell these things. I am very big on hand coding web sites so take this with a grain of salt. I believe that hand coding a web site yields code that is more reusable, and flexible. If your client ever wanted to make his site dynamic, you will a very hard time figuring out whats what. Unless of course use ASP... but lets hope thats not the case. I mean on small sites fine whatever, its a few extra hours of pay right? But I have heard horror stories of 1,200 static html pages, all created with dreamweaver, imagine if they changed their phone number. Every page would have to be loaded in to dreamweaver, and changed. Not fun.

External style sheets, use them (see above, about code reuse).

When the dust settles, everything is said and done, and [some other cliché here]. Its not a bad site. It just needs some polish.

P.S. You spelled welcome wrong in the title. Dreamweaver does have a spell check feature. Its under the "Text" menu.

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