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Using compact flash as a swap drive?


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My laptop has a compact flash drive in it, which got me thinking.

Could you use a CF card, of about 1-2GB for a swap drive? I know it wouldn't last that long, but would it be faster than my regular HD? Not sure i want to test this until i can afford another CF card or two. But its solid state and all...

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Here's a performance sheet of various CF memory types and brands.

Basically, performancewise they SUCK. Best they found was 12 MB/s for READING. Any decent harddisk will do TWICE that for writing, and 5-6 times that for reading. Even more if you go high-end.

So, yes you can, but will it be fast? No, not really.

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You should try to play with one of these HyperDrives.

It's basically a DIMM bank with a battery backup to last you a while in case of power failure, and an IDE interface. The only bottleneck here will be the transferrate of the IDE interface. Well, and capacity...

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Ye, thoughs are realy cool, although they only have about 8GB of space, but i think the speed makes up for that, thats enough to put any linux distro on, i belive some one installed FreeBSD on to one and it loaded in 4 seconds :| Here is a video of the HyperDrives biggest (and only?) rivale the I-RAM drive loading windows.

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