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Getting DNS from DHCP Settings


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I'm trying to test a few things with a self hosted C2 and a Tetra on the same LAN.

since it want setup to work both internal and external via a host name, I setup an a record on my internal DNS so that the external DNS name will resolve to the internal IP while on the same LAN.

This issue is getting the Tetra to look to my DNS server automatically.

I'm currently using eth0 (wired) for my network connection.

What I would like is for the Tetra to get its DNS information from the same DHCP server that is handing out it IP address.

I have tried removing the "Option DNS," from /etc/config/network under bot WAN (eth0) and WWAN with no luck.

I know that I can edit the /etc/resolve.conf file (currently pointed to 127.0.01)  or add a static entry to /etc/hosts (which I have done to get things working internally for now), but I'm looking for a means to do this via the DHCP issues DNS servers so that it will revolved the host name both internally and externally based on the network that it is connected to.

Any suggestions?


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I'm also having the same issue.  I would also like to have the Pineapple use the DHCP provided DNS server too.  That would help with portability and connecting it to new networks.

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