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  1. found the issue in another thread.... for some reason the pineapple will not resolve "example.com" which it uses to check connectivity prior to installing. ***note it resolves everything else***
  2. yeah I'm not seeing a scripts either, but I can give it some time and wait for a version update too 🙂
  3. yup that's the weird thing, can ping and tested opkg without issue.
  4. So I can connect to a wifi network but and load the news... but when I add modules and go to install dependencies it keeps erroring saying there is no network connection
  5. I've been testing some c2 settings in a lab and have my Pineapples connected fine (needed to update the host files) but I can't seem to get the Squirrel to talk to it (no attempts show in the c2 log) running firmware 3
  6. I'm trying to test a few things with a self hosted C2 and a Tetra on the same LAN. since it want setup to work both internal and external via a host name, I setup an a record on my internal DNS so that the external DNS name will resolve to the internal IP while on the same LAN. This issue is getting the Tetra to look to my DNS server automatically. I'm currently using eth0 (wired) for my network connection. What I would like is for the Tetra to get its DNS information from the same DHCP server that is handing out it IP address. I have tried removing the "Option DNS 8.8
  7. I'm running into a similar issue but I also get some additional info... is there any documentation around the let's encrypt process?
  8. gotcha... I must have missed that part in the vid... thanx
  9. I keep getting : Syntax error: ")" unexpected when trying to run for the first time.
  10. I now have both the Nano and Tetra (yay me), and I went to do the firmware update on both. I connected my tetra to the system that I normally use it with and it connected fine to the internet (via internet shareing on my LAN NIC). Then I tried to the same with my nano, this did require me to go through the basic internet sharing step again. This time it did not work and i cannot get the tetra working again either. I tried on another system with the same results. Any thought on where I messed up? and what is need to run both devices on the same laptop?
  11. Nailed it! thanks I was going so far down the other way of thinking... Thanks for the redirection!
  12. I'm trying to brute force a physical lock that only looks at the last numbers pressed, hence using the sequences. But it times out after 40 keys are pressed. Since I will been manually entering the codes I need/want it to be as efficient as possible
  13. Let's see if I can adequately describe what I need help with here. I'm trying to shift the lines of a txt file do meet my required output. I'm trying to create a list of numbers to brute force a lock (that I own). This lock will ignore everything leading up to the correct pin. for example, if the pin is 1234 and enter 46541198751234 and it will unlock. In my research, I have discovered the De Bruijn sequence (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Bruijn_sequence) which will allow me to quickly go through all possible PINs in a very efficient manner without having to enter each option indivi
  14. use the PineAP prob request logging/ ssid discovery
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