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Tetra can't connect to my hotspot


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Hey all, I am in a wireless dense area currently and attempting to get some internet connected through my pineapple. The only way currently is for me to use a hotspot on my phone and connect the pineapple to that on wlan2. I am using the correct credentials but it is not connecting. Last night I made sure I could connect in my hotel room and it worked just fine. Now it won't. I'm not sure if it's because I am now in a very dense area in terms of wireless activity, but I have excellent service and good speeds so it should be working. 


Anyone have any ideas?


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So to clarify, you can get your pineapple to connect to your phone hotspot and hotel wifi but not another desired network connection?

You say your using wlan2, what external adapter are you using to do so?  

Can you connect to the network causing issues on your pineapple with your phone?  This would determine if it is your pineapple or the network.

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Are you trying to connect the Pineapple to your Hotspot to give your pineapple internet access or are you trying to connect the pineapple to your hotspot to share the internet from the hotspot? As far as I know, you can't share internet through the pineapple with it connected to Wlan2 BUT you can tether your phone. I followed the youtube video on it it works great for me. I just connect the USB cable form my phone to the pineapple, enable it in the app, and my pineapple has internet access as well as shares it.

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