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I'm kinda disappointed it took you this look to realise that. I do hope it's either because of Roots or any albums prior, or Dante XXI. They're only _just_ getting the hang of things again after Max quit. Put up one HELL of a show about a year ago when they played in Eindhoven, opening up for In Flames.

It's actually kinda sad, really. Sepultura was this huge festival headlining band, but I've so far only seen them twice (always without Max), and always as the warm-up band. First time they were opening up for Mötorhead (not a fitting combination) and the other time opening up for In Flames.

You should go check out Destiny, Immolation or even Job For A Cowboy.

Oh, and your avatar is *WAAAAAY* too large. Please shrink it a bit.

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