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Dealing with Currys


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The transformer for the laptop I bought from Currys 6 days ago died (after tripping the breaker to the house). The laptop it's self is fine (although I bet it got a small current/voltage increase on the DC input for the < second that power was flowing).

Any way, does any one have any experience dealing with Currys and if they insist you return every thing to replace a small (but essential) part of it. I really don't want to return the whole thing as I have got every thing setup installed and configured.

Any one?

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There is good news on this front. I went in to the same Currys at the same time on the same day as last week when I got the lappy, the same guy who sold it me was there. He recognised me and gave me a replacement transformer with no questions asked (he did want to see the recipe though).

Nice one Currys ^^

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