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Multiboot USB?


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So, what software do you guys use for making a Bootable USBwith multiple distros on it? I've been using Yumi but I can't tell if it's the USB I'm using or what but I load it up with some Distros but not all of them show most the time. So I'm curious what alternatives there are.

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6 hours ago, barry99705 said:

You do eventually have to wipe it and start over though.  It tends to leave ---- when you remove old distros.

Agreed. It can be a bit finicky with multiple Windows installs as well..

If you pick up code quick you can edit the menu files to customise the interface too 🙂 Just keep in mind that YUMI will play around with it if you add more ISOs to the USB after configuring the menu - and you will need to play around with the menu files after adding / removing ISOs.

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