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Mac GPS software/error


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Hey guys, this one is for the Mac people. Or anyone else who may have suggestions. I'm sellin my gateway lap-top today and I use it for work for GPS. What im wondering is a good GPS software for mac.

I got a powerpc G3 ibook still 100% n00b with mac. I found a couple GPSView being one, but when I goto install it I get a library error and for some reason can't find this library file for nuttin.

the error is:

can't open library /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib (No Such File or directory, errno =)

No I have found a bit of info via google on the same error, but for different scenario's. None that have yet helped my situation. I get this same error tryin to install KisMac. The icon's just jump up and down for a few seconds then disappear, but when I right click, view package contents, MacOS then execute the terminal file it gives me that error then.

any advice on the error would be nice, but im mainly lookin for any recommended mac GPS title.

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Well, put simply, you're missing a library that should by all accounts be present on most machines.

It's a library of GCC, and I can vouch for GCC 4.0.6 making a libstdc++.6 and GCC 3.3.5 only making a libstdc++.5.

My guess is you either need to install some developers packages or upgrade your compiler.

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that was quick :D thanks cooper, I was positive I needed to install a library I've even searched for it, but haven't had luck finding it yet unless it is in some package which I just read something that it might be contained in an apple SDK package or xcode. Not sure how to upgrade a compiler :? I will google it a bit more and see what I can find.

Any recommended GPS titles for mac?

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Hey thanks anyway cooper, you still helped me:) Also just wanted to say I was able to get that required library file. I did a software update and then checked the /usr/lib directory and it's there and the gps app is working :D these libraries and compilers throw me off alot. Time to check KisMac now. :twisted:

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