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Hacking cheats into cube


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I would like to find a way to hack the cube engine www.cubeengine.com so that I could run cheat codes, aimbots, etc. It should be easy for anyone who knows how to code because there is no offical antitcc avalible for the game unless you hard code it yourself. I'm sure everyone want to know why do I want to cheat or hack on cube. Well if you play UT2K4 in single player modes you can enable cheats and use godmode, nice if you want to test a map or see bot movment without getting killed as well as the loaded command if you were trying to test a new weapons or firerate. As well as summon commands etc. And as far as the aimbot goes, I want to pull a prank on the guys at school, I got the game on 20 cds for lan partys (with no install) and would love to mess with them.

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