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I'm looking for a good statistics program for monitoring my server to keep an eye on the bandwidth, cpu load, memory usage,...

Any suggestions are welcome.

how in depth? Remote viewable?

Mrtg is a great way for bandwidth tracking on the network side (e.g. router switch vlans).

Prtg or Advanced Host monitor may be the cheapest tools you can get away with for good baselines. You can look at -a free utility is analog X (netstat live) that you can run on the computer but no logging :-(.

If you are looking for a VERY good SNMP monitor that doesnt break the bank you can look at the following - Whats up gold (if you can get it) or what they call Whats up Pro now. Or something else called Solar winds. Both products can continually monitor, alert based on thresholds, and give you statistics trending ect for a multitude of devices not just one server if thats your end goal.

I love my solarwinds for trending because it helps determine the average use of the CPU, trending for memory and bandwidth utilization through SNMP but it is costly... Not as much as HP openview or Ciscoworks. I also have a ton of devices I monitor.

Hope this helps.

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Hey what's the IRC plugin that monitors memory usage / CPU and network activity? You can then post it in the IRC window for increased epenis size.

I would like to try it out. It's sort of similar to those programs but in IRC.

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