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Bash Bunny on toast!


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 Hi guys:   I have now have a bash bunny that is  dying.

With the release of the latest update, and faced with a new assignment, I didn't hesitate. Will I never learn? I followed the update procedure faithfully, but alas, the update failed.

I resorted to the 'factory reset' procedure, which seemed to work. But now I have a half-dead bunny. It starts-up ok, but ends with the infamous 'police' red/blue/blue/red sequence.

Any ideas? please

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When the Bunny flashes red and blue it is in the process of updating the firmware.  DO NOT UNPLUG IT.... I repeat, DO NOT UNPLUG IT.  while these lights are flashing it is the flashing the new firmware.  It takes time, a lot of time.  might want to start fresh with a reset then check the version of bb firmware you are running and upgrade from there.

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Many thanks again b0N3z: I did wait for more than an hour with it flashing that way, but eventually had to give up. The Hack5 intro said it could take a while. I will retry, starting from the Reset Procedure. Thanks again for such a speedy response. I will let you know results.

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