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Help with modules Noobie


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Morning ,

I have a wifi pineapple nano and seem to just struggle with any of the modules especially the portal auth ,eviltwin ,wps etc. I am a complete noobie but really want to learn and understand what am doing. The module Portal auth for example does not create a clone I have tried the download from git hub but still does not work. It would be real good if some of you good coders that produce the modules could maybe put together dippy sheets/tutorials so that we all can have fun. The wps module does not seem to work either does not find any pins. When running Kali wifi-autopwner wps attack if finds quite a few wps keys. Sorry for asking this just want to keep my old brain working. 73s thanks Kev

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11 hours ago, kevtheskin said:

So nobody up for helping?


Maybe worth joining the IRC or Discord servers and chat to other community members. You may find someone who wants to learn the same thing and partner up. You might not. Ask your questions, maybe people can answer individual questions now and then.

The Worst case, read the forums, hit google, trial and error, and try, try again.

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